Center Of Excellence


A Center of Excellence (COE) is a program within a healthcare institution which is assembled to supply an exceptionally high concentration of expertise and related resources centered on 3D Printed applications in ANY orthopaedic surgical subspecialty. The primary purpose of a COE designation is to recognize those institutions that utilize 3D printing to advance and enhance healthcare experiences and outcomes. A COE designation root value rests less in promotional potential and more so, to aide in education of the public, surgeons and other institutions (COEs are to serve as models and mentors for other institutions).

How To Become a Center Of Excellence

The following criteria will be evaluated to determine if an institution qualifies as a COE following application submission by the institution. Please contact for more information.


Patient Care Focus

The institution has demonstrated a proven track record of delivering surgical care to patients utilizing 3D printed implants or devices in unique, and focused manner to patients.


Leadership & Expertise

Institution physicians/surgeons are knowledgeable in 3D printing technology and are able to provide proper pre-op/post-op evaluations and recommendations to patients.


Compliance & Internal Business

The institution has proper policies and procedures to remain compliant with regulations at a state and federal level. 


Innovation & Learning

Institution physicians/surgeons are active members of the society. They contribute to the ongoing research of 3D printing and provide continuing education to personnel at the institution and/or other surgeons in the field.



The institution has a fiduciary duty to its patients and therefore, maintains financial policies and procedures to provide patients with the proper support, knowledge and options regarding 3D printing for their medical needs.